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Rebuilt Transmissions Certified Transmission in Bloomington Indiana

If you are interested in rebuilt transmissions then the time has come for significant manual transmission or automatic transmission repair. At this point you may think about buying another new or used car. Seldom is it less expensive to buy a new car than it is to repair your current car or truck. Read this article on the real cost of buying a new care versus repairing the one you have. Edminds has a great breakdown on this decision here. Should I fix up or trade my old car

You have several options for major transmission repair.

Here are your automatic transmission repair options:

  • New Transmission – New automatic transmissions are only available during the assembly of a new car. If you purchase a “new transmission from a dealer or transmission repair shop like Quality Certified Transmission of Bloomington you are buying a rebuilt transmission.
  • Rebuilt Transmissions – Our rebuilt transmissions have had any warn or damaged hard parts replaced and all soft parts gaskets, seals, clutches and bands replaced. Finally the rebuilt transmission is rebuilt to factory specifications. These like new transmissions are backed by our exclusive Quality Certified Warranty. These may also be referred to as refurbished, overhauled or reconditioned.
  • Remanufactured Transmissions – These transmissions are similar to the rebuilt transmissions above but are typically done in a transmission remanufacturing facility.
  • Repairing Transmissions – Typically these are transmissions that upon inspections are leaking but the internal parts still have many years of life. In this case the external seals would be replaced to stop the leaking.

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